Ultrasonic Fat Removal- The Magic of Sound Waves to Zap the Fat

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Ultrasonic Fat Removal- The Magic of Sound Waves to Zap the Fat

Ultrasonic fat removal? Ultrasound has been used for decades for various reasons. However, just in the last decade,cosmetic surgeons have seen the potential and efficacy of using ultrasound to help individuals get rid of that nagging fat that never wants to leave.

So what is ultrasonic fat removal?

It’s a non-invasive treatment that uses high frequency sound waves to break down the fat cells in a particular region. Once dead, the body naturally eliminates them from the body.

What’s involved in this procedure?

It’s initiated by using a device to produce the sound waves targeting the fat deposits. When it comes in contact with each area, the fat is liquefied. The treatment last for an hour and besides some slight tingling, there’s really no pain. This has become more popular and many patients are seeking this procedure as a way to safely contour their bodies.

Is it safe?

Ultrasonic fat removal is very safe when you receive a treatment or series of treatments from a qualified doctor. With that said, there are always risks involved when you are having any medical treatment.

You need to know that ultrasonic fat removal can produce a lot of heat, because of the nature of high frequency sound waves. These waves can cause blistering, burns, and potential scarring.

That’s why you need to do your research and seek out a plastic surgeon that does this type of procedure and has a proven track record with results and patient satisfaction. A qualified and skilled physician will minimize any of these potential risks during your treatment.

Who is a potential candidate?

If you are overweight and need to have a lot of fat removed, this procedure probably isn’t for you. Ultrasonic fat removal is for those individuals who are in pretty good shape, but have pockets of fat on areas of their body that just won’t come off. Many women have a pooch on their stomach or some chicken wings (fat under their arms) that are stubborn.

So where can you be treated with ultrasonic fat removal?

Like I previously mentioned, any area that the body won’t let that fat go. Examples of this are: love handles, stomach, chin, male breast tissue, neck etc. Also, this type of treatment has been used on many people that have undergone traditional liposuction and use this as a way to more specifically contour the body to get the look they want.

In conclusion, ultrasonic fat removal is becoming more and more popular because of the effectiveness and safety. In the hands of a qualified doctor, these treatments are simple, effective and you can be in and out without it disrupting your day. It’s well worth looking into this type of procedure, so you can at last have the body you used to have or have always wanted.


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