Oxygen Facials – The Choice of Celebrities

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Oxygen Facials –  The Choice of Celebrities

In the world of technology, there is always another way to help restore beauty, even if it’s temporary. This is the thought when it come to oxygen facials. It’s a controversial type of procedure that has the medical community very skeptical, but consumers of the treatment are forever sold on its effect.

Many celebrities have become oxygen facial followers and claim the outstanding effects received from a session.

What Are Oxygen Facials Supposed To Do?

It’s the use of high-grade oxygen administered to the face via many devices manufactured especially for this purpose. The oxygen is compressed in a special machine and then a high-pressure spray targets the skin to deliver it below the skin surface to receive all it’s benefits.

Oxygen facials are supposed to increase absorption of the other active ingredients present. For example, a mixture of oxygen and hydroxy acid might be added to the mix to have a way to pass the skin barrier in receiving beneficial results from the treatment.

It’s become very popular because of the almost instant plumping and smoothing that’s experienced immediately after the oxygen is introduced. Many people, including many celebrities, have praised its total smoothing effect on the face and claiming that it brings the face near a flawless state.

How Are the Treatments?

Oxygen facials use a very simple device that is produced to compress the oxygen. It looks like a generator with a spray gun to actually deliver the needed elements. The oxygen mask contains medical grade oxygen and uses a technology that’s called pressure swing absorption separation to deliver the very densely concentrated oxygen. The spray guns are similar to airbrushes.

Does it Work?

Many people who receive oxygen facials swear by the results. They feel an instant plumping and tightening and the effects help them look their very best. Some say that there could be a limited amount of restructuring of collagen in the face. This would be due to the stimulated fibroblast activity brought on by the inflammatory effect. Many medical experts discount the effects and the results based on limited studies focusing on oxygen facials. However, somethings to think about are the results other people have had, without any side effects from the treatment.

Also, the results have been really temporary. The plumping and tightening are known to only last a couple of days. That’s why this kind of facial has been popular with those with a lot of disposable income. The stars get oxygen facials all the time and although they swear by them, they also pay the price to get them..

What Are the Costs?

The average cost of treatment is around $200.

In conclusion, the word is out on oxygen facials. So far without a lot of clinical studies to back up the treatment, they remain popular and have become more popular all the time.
So if your looking for instant changes in your looks for the short-term, this treatment could be the one for you.


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